Chinese Espionage and Chinese Money

April 20, 1999

Two different news stories add up to a potential scandal of significant proportions. The first story has to do with nuclear espionage. When the story first broke, the Clinton administration argued that much of the espionage took place during the Reagan/Bush years and that when informed of the threat, the Clinton administration acted.

Now it turns out that China's most successful espionage operation--the theft of U.S. secrets on the deadly neutron bomb--took place entirely on President Clinton's watch. And it is now apparent that National Security Advisor Sandy Berger was first told about the stolen neutron bomb technology in April of 1996. He has said in sworn testimony that President Clinton wasn't told about the espionage until 1998.

The second story is the revelation that Chinese military intelligence officers funneled illegal campaign money into the Clinton-Gore re-election campaign. One story, for example that appeared in the Los Angeles Times, documented that the chief of Chinese military intelligence tried to give the Clinton-Gore campaign $300,000.

The money for these donations was funneled through a Hong Kong bank owned by the Lippo Group. You may remember that name from previous scandals. The Lippo Group is owned by the Riady family and was used in the past by the Clinton campaign for other financial transactions in his first presidential campaign.

Unfortunately the mainstream media either ignores these stories or presents them as isolated stories. But aren't the two linked? In 1996 when Chinese money was funneled into the Clinton-Gore campaign, revelations about Chinese espionage seemingly were ignored. I don't know about you, but I think there's a story here just waiting for some investigative reporter. But the mainstream media seem to be ignoring it. Where are those Watergate reporters when you need them?

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.