Chinese Money

April 19, 1999

One of the biggest scandals of this administration has been covered in a such a haphazard way that you wonder if the major media are guilty of incompetence or guilty of spiking the stories. Take, for example, the story that appeared earlier this month in the Sunday edition of the Los Angeles Times. The story documented that the chief of Chinese military intelligence tried to give the Clinton-Gore campaign $300,000. This was the most direct link yet between the communist Chinese government and the Clinton-Gore re-election campaign.

Now this is a big story. It happened to a sitting president at a time when the U.S. was being visited by Chinese dignitaries. The story also reported that the testimony for this came from Democratic fundraiser Johnny Chung. And the story further reported that the FBI feared that a "hit squad" had been sent from China to kill Johnny Chung and placed him and his family under armed guard after Chung was threatened to "keep quiet" by a Chinese operative in a video-recorded meeting.

So you would think that all the major media would pick up on the story. Right? Well, you would be wrong. Although the story broke on Sunday, April 4, no major network went with the story that night, nor did the story run on the next morning's network news shows.

Instead, ABC World News Sunday ran a story about how Mexicans have adopted a passion for American baseball. CBS' Evening News ran a story on how high schools are considering later start times to accommodate teenage sleep patterns. NBC's Nightly News was pre-empted by NBA basketball.

Either the networks are incompetent or else considered the story and rejected it. In either case, it does make you feel that the major media are not taking this latest scandal very seriously.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.