Saving Lieutenant Ryan Berry

December 16, 1999

You remember the hit movie "Saving Private Ryan." The story involved an order by General George Marshall to rescue Private Ryan because his other three brothers had been killed in combat. Most of the film involved the attempt to save Private Ryan.

Well now another Ryan needs saving. This time it is Lieutenant Ryan (Berry). He needs a General Marshall figure to save him from a grave injustice. You may remember one of my earlier commentaries on his plight.

The case took place at the same air force base in North Dakota that gave us Lieutenant Kelly Flinn, the first female B-52 pilot who got herself in trouble with the military because she committed adultery and then lied about it.

One would think that Lieutenant Ryan Berry's request would be most reasonable in light of what happened on the other side of the air force base. He is a missileer who asked that he not serve in a missile launch capsule with a female office. This two-officer capsule is about the size of a small bus and is buried 90 feet below the prairie.

As a Catholic, he wanted to prevent temptation and flee even the appearance of sin. After all, there is only one bed in the capsule and most of the officers work in T-shirts and shorts. And they are down there for long periods of time. To put it mildly, the opportunities for temptation are great.

Well, by raising his concern, his commander has issued a failing office performance report that will effectively end his career. That's why someone in the military must step forward to save Lieutenant Ryan Berry. The question he is raising is appropriate and not deserving of punishment.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.