Belligerent Russia

September 9, 1998
In the midst of discussions about Russia's failure to restructure its debt, reorganize its government, and reduce its budget deficit is a topic that has hardly been addressed: Russia's multibillion-dollar military buildup. A recent column in the Wall Street Journal reminds us that even though the Cold War is over, Russia is still capable of acting belligerent.

According to Roger Robinson, Russia is spending lots of money on its military. At a time when most Russian workers are going unpaid, listen to this short list of military expenditures. Moscow has continued construction of underground command and control bunkers. It has deployed a new mobile intercontinental missile. It has commissioned a new aircraft carrier. It refitted its Typhoon Class submarines with new missiles. It has begun a stealth fighter program and has built a fifth-generation ballistic missile submarine. These expenditures alone cost approximately $10 billion, roughly half of the ill-fated IMF package.

But that's not all. Foreign Minister Primakov has launched initiative after initiative fomenting instability and threatening U.S. and Western interests. The so-called Primakov doctrine has developed a decidedly pro-Iraq tilt while creating instability in the eastern European region. And let's not forget the fact that Russia has been sharing strategic technology and intelligence with China.

These are all key facts to remember as you hear American leaders calling for more investment in Russia. It is questionable whether more money should be sent to Russia anyway. But in light of this ominous military buildup, I think we'd better think twice before we bail out Russia.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.

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