Baby Dumping

July 24, 1998
The recent sentencing of Amy Grossberg and Brian Peterson closes the chapter of yet another example of baby dumping. The case involved two 19-year-olds who came from wealthy backgrounds but did something worthy of children raised in the wild.

On a November night in 1996, Amy Grossberg called her boyfriend for help. Just hours before, she had delivered a baby boy in a room at the Comfort Inn. Though both parents would later claim that the baby was born dead, the autopsy would prove otherwise. The baby's body was dumped in a nearby garbage bin, and would probably never have been found except that Amy Grossberg showed up in a hospital with complications from birth.

The medical examiner wrote that the baby had been born alive and died of multiple skull fractures caused by blunt trauma and shaking. But as horrific as the examiner's report was, the teenagers were allowed to cut a deal. After all, the state probably would not have been able to win a first-degree murder conviction since the victim was only a newborn.

Or consider the case of the "Prom Mom" Melissa Drexler who in 1997 left her high school prom to give birth in a bathroom stall. She dumped that baby in a trash can and went back out to the dance floor. Teachers became suspicious of the blood on the bathroom floor and discovered the baby. An autopsy showed the baby boy was born alive and died from asphyxia.

How can we explain these and other acts of remorseless infanticide? One word: abortion. Both of these teenagers could have aborted their babies, and if they had there would be hardly any controversy. They merely took the logic of abortion one step further. If I could kill my baby before it is born, why can't I kill it after it's born?

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.

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