Animal Farm

December 14, 1998

A recent Wall Street Journal column by Henry Ruth compares the current political climate to George Orwell's Animal Farm. In the book, whenever the animals could, they would blame their circumstances on the leader's former rival, Snowball. Even though Snowball was obviously innocent, the animals in the farm would eventually come to accept the explanation.

Henry Ruth says that Ken Starr has become President Clinton's Snowball. Moreover, as a lifelong Democrat who twice voted for President Clinton, Henry Ruth says that his party is following the script of Animal Farm.

He says the Democrats have apparently adopted a cynical view of leadership. Here are what he calls their credos:
1. Character doesn't matter.
2. Lying to a federal judge and a grand jury is OK.
3. A CEO can take sexual advantage of a young employee.
4. It is unfair to ask Presidents to be role models.
5. All Presidents lie.
6. Presidents may use executive privilege to defend themselves.

These are strong words. Actually they are stronger than these six summary points. And remember, this is coming from a man who served as Watergate special prosecutor and has served with distinction within the Democrat party. Nevertheless, he sees the long-term implications for the country and the party when we allow the president to minimize his culpability and attack those investigating the crimes and willing to vote for impeachment.

More is at stake than whether the president goes free. What's at stake is the lesson we leave for society and the legacy we leave for history. Senator-elect Charles Schumer said, "I don't want my children or grandchildren reading in history books that someone lied under oath, which I think the President did, and was not rebuked for it." I agree.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.

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