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January 19, 2000

Does abortion lead to breast cancer? Over the last 43 years, there has been mounting evidence that induced abortion is associated with a significant increase for breast cancer. Since 1957, thirty-one scientific studies have been conducted on international populations. Twenty-five of these studies show an increased risk.

Cancer researchers on both sides of the abortion issue admit that induced abortion may be the single more preventable risk factor in the battle against breast cancer. But many doctors and medical institutions have been silent about the abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link. Unfortunately, this silence comes at the expense of the women who are repeatedly told that there are no long-term physical or emotional effects from abortion. Breast cancer is just one of the many physical effects.

Studies have shows that a women is 30 percent more likely to get breast cancer if she elects to abort her first baby. Abortion interrupts the natural growth and differentiation of breast cells during pregnancy. Abnormal cells can develop and eventually become cancerous if abortion interrupts the process.

By contrast, spontaneous miscarriages (which often occur in the first trimester) do not appear to increase the breast cancer risk. In most cases, these pregnancies end because of subnormal estrogen secretion and thus do not seem to produce the same type of abnormal cells that result from induced abortion.

Already five states (Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Montana) have laws that require that women be warned of the abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link. I believe that other states should do the same. The studies are clear: abortion can increase a woman's chances of contracting breast cancer. Doctors, legislators, patients, and the general public should be educated about the link between abortion and breast cancer.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.