Darwinism: Science or Philosophy

Proceedings of a symposium entitled
Darwinism: Scientific Inference or Philosophical Preference?

Held on the
Southern Methodist University campus
in Dallas, Texas, USA,
March 26-28, 1992.

Sponsored by
The Foundation for Thought and Ethics,
Dallas Christian Leadership, and
the C. S. Lewis Fellowship

Jon Buell
Virginia Hearn

Table of Contents

Keynote Presentations

Chapter 1: Darwinism's Rules of Reasoning (Phillip E Johnson)

Chapter 2: Darwinism: Philosophical Preference, Scientific Inference, and Good Research Strategy (Michael Ruse)

Chapter 3: Laws, Causes and Facts: Response to Michael Ruse (Stephen C. Meyer)

Johnson-Ruse Debate

Chapter 4: Darwinism and Theism (Phillip E. Johnson)

Chapter 5: Theism and Darwinism: Can You Serve Two Masters at the Same Time? (Michael Ruse)

General Discussion, Responses, and Replies

Chapter 6: Experimental Support for Regarding Functional Classes of Proteins to Be Highly Isolated from Each Other (Michael J. Behe)

Chapter 6a: Response to Michael J. Behe: The Process, Described Properly, Generates Complexity in Good Time (Leslie K. Johnson)

Chapter 6b: Reply to Leslie K. Johnson (Michael J. Behe)

Chapter 7: The Incompleteness of Scientific Naturalism (William A. Dembski)

Chapter 7a: Response to William A. Dembski (K. John Morrow, Jr.)

Chapter 8: Radical Intersubjectivity: Why Naturalism is an Assumption Necessary for Doing Science (Fredrick Grinnell)

Chapter 8a: Response to Frederick Grinnell (Peter van Inwagen)

Chapter 9: How Incomplete Is the Fossil Record? (Leslie K. Johnson)

Chapter 9a: Response to Leslie K. Johnson: Evolution as History and the History of Evolution (David L. Wilcox)

Chapter 10: Teliological Principles in Biology: The Lesson of Immunology (K. John Morrow, Jr.)

Chapter 10a: Response to K. John Morrow, Jr. (Michael J. Behe)

Chapter 10b: Reply to Michael J. Behe (K. John Morrow, Jr.)

Chapter 11: X Does Not Entail Y: The Rhetorical Uses of Conflating Levels of Logic (Arthur M. Shapiro)

Chapter 11a: Response to Arthur M. Shapiro: X Does Not Implicate Y: Implication and Entailment in the Creation- Evolution Debate (William A. Dembski)

Chapter 11b: Reply to William A. Dembski: X and Y and Bob and Al and Ted and Carol and Alice (Arthur M. Shapiro)

Chapter 12: Doubts About Darwinism (Peter van Inwagen)

Chapter 12a: Response to Peter van Inwagen: The Problem of Language (Frederick Grinnell)

Chapter 13: A Blindfolded Watchmaker: The Arrival of the Fittest (David L. Wilcox)

Chapter 13a: Response to David L. Wilcox: Darwin Twisting in the Wind (Arthur M. Shapiro)

Chapter 13b: Reply to Arthur M. Shapiro: Tamed Tornadoes (David L. Wilcox)

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