Volume 1, Number 1, August 1998

Bob Conover Named President

Robert Conover has been appointed as the new President of the Christian Defense Fund.

He succeeds Ben Hart who served as President since 1996.

"We owe a debt of gratitude to Ben Hart for his dedicated work as President of Christian Defense Fund. His term of office helped put CDF on a solid foundation," Mr. Conover said.

Mr. Conover is a 42-year-old businessman and founder of Christian Defense Fund .

"I am disturbed deeply about the growing trend of anti-Christian bigotry and discrimination in America. Many of our religious rights and freedoms are under attack," Mr. Conover stated.

"The federal government, especially the Supreme Court, has marginalized the influence of Christians in American society. The message being taught in our schools, on television and in movies is that religious beliefs should be expressed only inside the church and then locked away as you exit the church doors on Sunday morning."

"Even worse," Mr. Conover continued, "is the trend toward forcing Christians to finance government programs that are in opposition to their morals and religious tenets of faith. The radical left has cynically misused the First Amendment to drive a wedge between our nation and its Christian history. Their success is tied directly to the devastating social problems we face today."

"I hope to use my experience as a businessman to make anti-Christian bigotry as unacceptable as racism and anti-Semitism in our culture, government and society," Mr. Conover concluded.