Volume 1, Number 1, August 1998

New Membership Benefits Package Is Available

An exciting, new membership benefits package is now available.

We offer a variety of membership services that are as good or better than other organizations (such as AARP) and at prices you can afford.

For example, vitamin price discounts are 5% to 50% below AARP.

You can save up to 40% using our Prescription Drug Card at 45,000 pharmacies nationwide, including CVS, Eckard, Rite Aid, K-Mart and most other chains. Our Dental Plan offers savings up to 70% off UCR with no deductibles, no claim forms, no waiting periods, no maximum benefits restrictions and a wide range of dental services.

If you have Medicare Supplemental Insurance (also known as Medigap), compare our prices by calling the toll-free number listed below. One of our insurance specialists will be happy to assist you. Long Term Care in a nursing home can cost $35,000 to $55,000 a year. Our benefits program is provided by two of the finest financial institutions in the country. You save 10% just by being a member of Christian Defense Fund.

Plus, you can rest assured that Christian Defense Fund will never support any program that conflicts with the biblical teachings we live by. Here is a sampling of the programs and services you may choose from:

  • Long Term Medical Care
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance
  • Dental Plan
  • Major Medical
  • Prescription Drug Discounts
  • Special Major Medical for Students
  • Discount Vitamins
  • Short Term Medical
  • Quick Term Life Insurance
  • Hotel, Dining and Car Rental Discounts
  • E-Z Whole Life Insurance
  • Accident Only Disability Insurance
  • Survivor's Benefit Plan
  • Cancer and Specific Disease Policies
  • Fixed Annuities
  • Homeowners' Insurance
  • Long Distance Phone Plan
  • Christian Books and Magazines
  • A free comprehensive guide to these membership benefits and services is available. Simply check the box on the back of the reply card and return it in the enclosed envelope.

    If you'd like faster service, call a membership benefits coordinator today at 1-703-922-2055.