"We Need Unlimited Faith In The Unlimited God"
In times of moral breakdown and spiritual backsliding the church desperately needs leaders whose life and ministry are controlled by the vision of the absolute power, authority and holiness of God.

We pray that this season and through the coming year you will experience all the blessings the Lord Jesus Christ came to give us.

"All We Get From God We Get By Faith"
We are saved by faith; we are healed by faith; we walk by faith; we die in faith. All we get from God, we get by faith.

"There's a Better Day Coming!"
An elderly prayer warrior in the church never gave up hope for a revival. She always insisted, "There's a better day coming!" She died before the better day came, but God answered her prayers in a special way.

Revival In Western Canada
So why pray together? Look what happened when a pastor was searching for the power of Christ to transform his church...

NEEDED: A Few Committed People to Pray for Revival
This church was burdened because it was losing so many young people and there were few conversions. Read how God used the prayers of two elderly women to spark a great revival.

Prayer Spreads Revival Fires
God has always used dedicated preachers and praying Christians to wake up the church. Read examples of how prayers have spread revival fires.

The Welsh Revival of 1904-05
During the spring of 1904 a young Welshman was repeatedly awakened at 1:00 a.m. He met with God in prayer until 5:00 a.m. The Welsh revival followed!

The Layman's Prayer Revival 1857-58
In 1856 a man prayed a prayer pleading with God for revival. His prayer was answered when the greatest revival in American history began the next year.

PRAYER: The Key To Revival
An outpouring of the Spirit in revival occurs when the churches are filled with the Spirit and the pagan world is turned right side up through the preaching of the gospel.

Upper Room: God's Revival Model
Rev. Armin R. Gesswein shares how the book of Acts is the greatest book on revivals that has ever been written. The Upper Room is God's own master plan to bring revival. Will you go to the Upper Room?

Riding Tall Through Death Valley
Pastor Oliver Price shares the inspiring story of an eighteen year old bull rider who died giving the "thumbs up" signal.

Pray For A Revival Of Love
The church is the beloved family of the Father and the dear body of Christ. We must keep this love relationship alive and well through uniting in prayer.

Let's Pray for Revival
America's only hope is that Christians will unite in prayer, according to Matthew 18:15-20, until we are in agreement with our Head and right with one another. So let's pray for revival in the churches.

Heart Cry for Revival
Revival begins when the church prays with the conviction that the heavenly life and power of the church and the salvation of the lost depend on reaching God in prayer.

Bible Prayers for Spiritual Health
This article shares a list of Bible prayers chosen to serve as a guide to spiritual health and growth as we advance toward fullfillment of God's glorious purpose for our life.

Mountain Moving Faith
A congregation literally moves a mountain through faithful prayer.

A Church Praying For Revival
Tom Maluga, Senior Pastor of Uptown Baptist Church, made 1998 a year for his congregation to make a special emphasis on prayer. Read the report he made at the end of the year outlining the impact this emphasis had on the church and its members.

When Jesus Comes Into Your Prayer Group
Let me share with you how I came to know Jesus in a new and wonderful way. I earnestly desire that all of our Bible Prayer Fellowship family will learn to know Jesus as the Lord who comes into our homes and churches to make a very great change for good.

Prayer for Morality!
When Pastor Joe Wright was asked to open the new sessions of the Kansas Senate, everyone was expecting the usual politically correct generalities. But on this day they heard instead a stirring prayer, passionately calling our country to repentance and righteousness.

Cheer Up! You're Already On The Winning Side!
Christ shares His place of highest favor with God with His followers. Let's believe this truth. Let this truth open your eyes to a new reality and open your heart to a new rest of faith. The gospel can change a gloomy pessimist into a cheerful optimist.

Even Hell Corner Was Changed By Prayer
Hell Corner, New Hampshire was a stronghold of sin. The Layman's Prayer Revival sweeping all over America invaded this wicked village and turned some hardened sinners to God. America's moral recovery was under way.

No Wonder God Didn't Answer Her Prayer
Her prayers had become like spinning a fortune wheel hoping for good luck. She forgot she was talking to God, the supreme authority. Who is this great God? How well do you know Him?

Lincoln's Proclamation: A Day of National Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer
Abraham Lincoln called America to honestly face the nation's wicked ways and humbly repent. This is a model for our time.
My Commitment As A Christian
A young African pastor wrote, "I have Holy Spirit power. The decision has been made. I must go till he comes, and work till He stops me."

Who Needs Prayer Meeting?
Prayer connects the church with the Lord Jesus Christ. No other religious leader can do it. He alone is able to fill His church with His own life and power, take control of it and run it from heaven. We all need prayer meeting for unity, revival, evangelism and worship.

Plead the Promises of God
An elderly Methodist lay preacher named Uncle Am always had assurance his prayer would be answered. A young preacher asked for his secret. He said, "Young man, learn to plead the promises of God."

Prayer Changed My Life
Discover how one 17 year old came in out of the cold and found the Almighty Father's warm embrace.

What To Do When Your Lease On Life Expires
You donít know when your old lease on life will be up. But you can sign the new lease by turning to God and personally inviting Jesus Christ into your life right now.