Becoming True Worshippers

Session 10

We canít ____________________ any better than we ________________ or__________________ any better than we ______________________

God is not seeking people who will ____________________ Him _______________ a __________________. God seeks single minded____________________ who keep their ____________________ exclusively for Him _________ _____________ _______________

_______________ worship reaches Godís _______________ and brings _________________ into our _________________ and ________________

The _____________ commandment is the root of all _________________ and ___________________. It is the ______________ and ______________________ of manís __________________

Draw a ___________________ straight line from you to ______________ in heaven. This is the ___________________ of a tree. Now draw ___________________ coming out of the trunk. The _________________pictures your relationship to God and the branches your relationships with people.

The first commandment can be explained by looking at ____________exclusive _______________ God has on us. First, we are to _____________God with all our heart.

Second, _____________ Him with all our heart.

Third, ________________ Him with all our heart.

The way you love God is to _________________ Him.

If love is _________________ God then love has ___________________ order, ___________________ and ______________________

Human relationships are built on __________________ as well as ________________. We should fix all our ________________ and _____________________ on God alone.

"People let you __________________." Therefore, underneath our trust in _________________ should be our trust in ________________ who promised to use ______________ done against us for our ______________

The _____________________ we give to people should be first of all given to ________________. For the dedicated believer all of life is __________________ service. God will ________________ us.

To live the life of ____________________ on earth you must ____________dedicate yourself to the _________________

When you _______________ you must __________________ your faults and go on with God. You need to get into a ____________________ group that agrees to meet with Christ and trust Him to ___________________take charge. You should also __________________________ key verses.

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