Claiming The Presence of Christ

Session 4

I. Why we need to seek the presence of Christ.

  1. Many take the presence of Christ ___________ ________________
  2. We need to see that we are _________________ without the Lordís presence and active leadership.
  3. It takes __________________ faith to claim His presence.
  4. This is a _______________ relationship.
  5. Our Lover will not _______________ His presence on us.
  6. His __________________ is our greatest ____________________
  7. Christ is ___________________ everywhere.
  8. He is present with His dearly loved people in a _________________ sense like a ________________ visiting with his ___________________ beloved.

II. A group gathered together around Christ is a _______________ kind of _____________________

III. Paulís prayer in Ephesians 3:14-21 for Christís _____________________ and active _______________________

  1. That we may be ________________________ by the Spirit.
  2. That we may know the ___________________ of Christ.
  3. That we may be a community ______________________ with God.

IV. How Christ came to Alliance, Nebraska and took charge.

Take your own notes on what happened.

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