Praise: Releasing Faith

Session 11

Pastor Charles Tindley’s grateful __PRAISE_____ was the foundation for his _WEALTH________ of spirit.

Thanksgiving turns __TRIALS________ into __BLESSINGS_________.

Thanksgiving is grateful __SUBMISSION____________.

Thanksgiving requires ___JOYFUL_______ not __GLUM_________ submission.

We can always get __ON_____ __TOP____ of our circumstances by __THANKING________ the Lord.

Thankful praise opens our heart to __PROFIT_______ from our __PROBLEMS______. Joseph __PROFITED__________ from his trials.

Thanksgiving requires ___PRAISE___________, an attitude of adoring __WONDER____________.

God is _AT___ __HOME___ in the midst of our _PRAISE_____.

The goal of the Bible is the enthronement of God in our __HEARTS___.

Make every problem and disagreeable __PERSON__________ an occasion for prayer and ___THANKFUL______ __PRAISE__________.

Count on God to use your problems for __GOOD__________.

Praise the Lord without waiting to __UNDERSTAND__________.

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