Becoming True Worshippers

Session 10

We canít _PRAY_____ any better than we __LIVE________ or__LIVE________ any better than we ____PRAY______________.

God is not seeking people who will ___WORSHIP________ Him __ONCE______ a ____WEEK________. God seeks single minded __WORSHIPPERS_______ who keep their __HEART___________ exclusively for Him _AT____ __ALL____ ___TIMES_______.

__PURE_______ worship reaches Godís __EARS_______ and brings __HEAVEN_______ into our __HOMES_____ and __CHURCHES_____.

The __FIRST____ commandment is the root of all __RIGHT________ and __WRONG_________. It is the __SUM_________ and __SUBSTANCE_________ of manís ___DUTY___________.

Draw a ___THICK________ straight line from you to __GOD____ in heaven. This is the ____TRUNK______ of a tree. Now draw ___BRANCHES____ coming out of the trunk. The __TRUNK____ pictures your relationship to God and the branches your relationships with people.

The first commandment can be explained by looking at _3____exclusive _CLAIMS_____ God has on us. First, we are to __LOVE_____ God with all our heart.

Second, __TRUST____ Him with all our heart.

Third, __SERVE_______ Him with all our heart.

The way you love God is to ____OBEY________ Him.

If love is _OBEYING_______ God then love has __DEFINITE_______ order, __MEANING________ and __CHARACTER___________.

Human relationships are built on __TRUST_________ as well as __LOVE______. We should fix all our __HOPE________ and ___EXPECTATIONS______ on God alone.

"People let you _DOWN________." Therefore, underneath our trust in __PEOPLE_______ should be our trust in __GOD________ who promised to use __EVIL_______ done against us for our __GOOD______.

The __SERVICE________ we give to people should be first of all given to _____GOD_______. For the dedicated believer all of life is __DIVINE__________ service. God will __REWARD________ us.

To live the life of __HEAVEN______ on earth you must _FIRST____ dedicate yourself to the __LORD_________.

When you __FAIL___ you must ___CONFESS_____ your faults and go on with God. You need to get into a __SMALL______ group that agrees to meet with Christ and trust Him to __ACTIVELY_________ take charge. You should also __MEMORIZE______ key verses.

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