1999 Flames of Freedom Family Rally

For fresh fire in your heart, home, and church plan to attend The 1999 Flames of Freedom Family Rally Labor Day Weekend, September 3-6 at Evangel Baptist Church, Taylor, Michigan (in greater Detroit). You will come away from these meetings with a fresh touch of God.

Oliver Price, General Director of Bible Prayer Fellowship will be one of the prayer leaders in the Rally this year. Sammy Tippit, international evangelist and revivalist, will be the main speaker. His son Dave will speak to the young people. Ralph and Lou Sutera are the sponsors. Other speakers include Earnest Clark, Charlie Orr, Ed Mohr, Dyke Cyphers and Mary Savage. For a brochure with all the details and the registration form write to Bible Prayer Fellowship, info@praywithchrist.org and give your surface mail address since we are not able to send the brochure on email.