Guidelines for Evangelistic Articles

By Rusty Wright

Thousands of students and staff members use short evangelistic articles to open doors for personal witnessing. The Evangelism Task Force is happy to provide you with photo-ready originals to reprint as needed. we pray this will enhance your ministry for Christ.

Suggested Uses

1. Follow-up from meetings. Offer an article to those interested. Here is a closing that often results in 50 percent or more requesting follow-up:

(After comment cards are distributed) "O.K., does everyone have a card? (Be sure they do and that you have their attention.) Listen up just for a moment, please, even if you've already started writing. Here's what I'd like you to put on the cards. I'd like you to put your honest comments. It'd also like you to put your name, address and telephone number. NOW, you don't have to, but here's why:

A friend of mine has written a brief, three-page article that summarizes and documents what you've heard today. on the back is a one page explanation of the spiritual dimension of this talk, about developing a relationship with God. I'd like to get this article to you, at no cost, for you to consider. You may not totally agree with it, but I can predict it will get you thinking.

"I, or a friend of mine, will get this article to you personally: we'll either drop by your room or maybe meet you In the union. (It will be a man If you're a man, a woman If you're a woman.) We'll give it to you, it will be yours to keep, and we'll be glad to discuss it with you. In fact, I'd encourage you to take 10-15 minutes to give us your opinion of that article on the back which discusses the spiritual dimension of life.

"Don't worry, were not going to run your names in the school paper as the (mention a large number, at least 50 percent of the audience) most religious people on campus! No one will club you on the head with a 50db. Bible! We Just make this available because we find that often 50 percent or more of the people we speak to would like to know more.

"When you're finished, just fold the card in half, and we'll collect it."

If your rapport with the audience is good, this closing can be extremely fruitful. Many staff members—even seasoned veterans—have seen their follow-up yield increase dramatically by memorizing and using this closing.

2. Lining up individual appointments. See how to Use Evangelistic Articles00 for ideas. We suggest that you reprint it and/or this entire set of guidelines to help train other Christians.

3. Targeting specific groups. Everyone likes to feel special. You can approach selected people—Greek presidents, for instance—and explain that you're talking with every Greek president to get his/her opinion on this article on Greek unity that was written with them in mind.

4. Evangelistic talks. The content of these articles are excellent outlines for evangelistic talks. Use them as a resource in preparing talks for team meetings, College Life, etc.

5. Setting up meetings. Use evangelistic articles to set up evangelistic speaking opportunities. Show the article to fraternity and sorority presidents, residence hall assistants, coaches, ClUh officers, whomever. Offer to come in and give a talk on the subject of the article to his or her particular affinity group.

Tips on Reprinting Articles

1. Simply take these originals to your local print quick print type shop.

2. The least expensive paper is regular bond. Consider your audience as well as the topic of the article when choosing paper quality (bond versus fancy text or linen-weight). Greeks, preprofessionals and faculty members may appreciate a higher-quality paper, but bond is fine for any of these articles.

3. White is usually a bit cheaper than colors, but you'll probably want to print these on color. For the more "conservative" articles (e.g., "How to Be Successful and Satisfied," "The New Testament: Can I Trust It?" etc.) consider neutral colors- gray, tan, beige. "Lighter-Side" articles could be run on "fun" colors.

4. Your printer should be able to fold your copies. The reprints will look sharpest if you print them on lls17 paper and fold once. Since "A Funny Thing Happened . . ." does not include The Four Spiritual Laws page, you may want to reprint The Four Laws onto an 8shxll sheet of paper and insert it into the article. Having The Four Laws as "part of the article" can help you transition to the Gospel when you meet with people, in your verbal presentation.

5. We are supplying these articles to you (copyright Campus Crusade for Christ or the Wrights) with permission (and intention) for you to reprint them. We do this in the hope that you will do a quality job in reprinting. A sharp looking piece will help enhance readers' view of you and your movement. However, you should be extremely careful in reprinting any other articles for evangelistic use. Ignorance is no excuse for "overlooking" copyright laws. Most printed articles cannot be reprinted for evangelistic use, prayer letters, etc. without permission from the author or publisher. Please be men and women of integrity in this area.

Copyright © 1986 Rusty Wright. All rights reserved.