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Dr. Otto J. Helweg, P.E. February 1,1936 - October 26,2008
Dean Emeritus, College of Engineering and Architecture, NDSU



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Otto J. Helweg received his B.S. degree from the U. S. Naval Academy, M. Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary, M.S. in Engineering from U.C.L.A., M.S. in Higher Education Administration from Memphis State, M.B.A. from The University of Memphis, and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University. He is dean emeritus, College of Engineering and Architecture, North Dakota State University.  Presently, he is a special consultant to the Government of Rwanda, spending 2007 in the country and establishing the mission for Living Water National to bring potable water and the Gospel to needy villages, schools, and hospitals.

He has had extensive experience over seas and in the U.S. He has held faculty ranks in the University of California, Davis and Texas A&M. He was Acting Director of the California Water Resources Center and chair of the Civil Engineering Department at The University of Memphis. Presently, he is dean of the College of Engineering and Architecture at North Dakota State University.

Among the many awards received, in 1983 he was selected as the Ground Water Scientists of the Year for the U.S., the outstanding Civil Engineer in the state of Tennessee in 1994, the most outstanding engineer in the Mid South in 1995, and the Distinguished Research Award at The University of Memphis in 1995. He also received a commendation from the U. S. Navy for saving them $5 million. He is an "eminent engineer" in Tau Beta Pi and a "doctor of service" for Blue Key. He received the 1997 Hoover Medal, which is the "Nobel Peace Prize" of the engineering societies in the United States. Past recipients have included Herbert Hoover, William Henry Harrison, Vannevar Bush, Dwight David Eisenhower, Sir Harold Hartley. The 1998 recipient is ex-President Jimmy Carter.

He has over 120 technical articles and three books. He has received over $2 million in research funding and $4 million in grants. He is or has been a member of over 17 professional organizations and has chaired several national committees including the Water Resources Engineering Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). He is also a fellow of ASCE. He is, or has been, registered as a professional engineer in five states.

He has been active in civic affairs, churches, and service clubs for which he has received awards and recognition. His hobbies are sports, reading, and Biblical studies. He has lectured overseas and on many major campuses in the U.S. on technical, social, and religious topics.