Science and the Nature of God:
Inferring the Various Divine Attributes from the Status of Big Bang Cosmology

Michael A. Corey

Abstract. An empirically-based understanding of the Divine existence and nature will be pursued in this presentation. The existence of God will first be addressed from an ýanthropicţ point of view, in terms of the various ýcosmic coincidencesţ that have made life possible on this planet. A probabilistic proof for the existence of God--termed the Anthropic Design Argument--will then be presented as convincing evidence for the existence of an Intelligent Designer in the universe. Once the existence of a Creator has been reasonably demonstrated, the various attributes of the Divine will then be sequen-tially derived from the most recent cosmological data in a logical, step-wise manner, through a process of rational inference from the physical nature of the universe to the presumed nature of the Creator. The (somewhat unexpected) conclusion of this a pos-terori analysis will be that the traditional attributes of Godˇnamely His omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, omnibenevolence, and transcendent personal natureˇare in fact the only ones that can justifiably be inferred from the intrinsic nature of the sci-entific data.

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