Messages from Other Christian Leaders

Message from Dr. W. Marvin Watson
President, Dallas Baptist University

Truth is in many ways the culmination of two ventures with which Dallas Baptist University has been involved. In March of 1983 and February of 1985, the University, along with the International Academy of Philosophy and the Institute for Research in Christianity and Contemporary Thought, co-sponsored two major international conferences: The Reality of God and The Dignity of Man (also called Modern Thought and The Turn to Theism) and Christianity Challenges The University: An International Conference of Theists and Atheists, in which reputed scholars from Europe and North America were participants.

These conferences had several unique features. Various fields of knowledge were well represented. Scholars discussed the foundations of Christianity among themselves and with laymen. Most important, the conferences brought together many believers.

In response to an invitation from Dr. W. A. Criswell, pastor of First Baptist Church, Dallas, Pope John Paul II sent a special message for the first conference. Pope John Paul stated that he was pleased to note the fraternal collaboration between Christian brethren in a common effort to be at the service of man in search for a greater knowledge of God. He asked God to bless the conference organizers and the efforts of all who joined them in the great cause for truth, personified in Jesus Christ the one Mediator with the Father and Savior of the world. This message is most appropriate for Truth.

In continuing the task begun in the first two conferences, Dallas Baptist University looks forward to working closely with Truth. We are motivated by the University motto, "TO GOD BE THE GLORY."