Message from Dr. Billy Graham

"Ideas have consequences." This familiar phrase seems to be a glimpse of the obvious in the political arena but it is no less applicable in the religious realm and in the academic world. And nowhere is its application more evident than in the steady erosion of Christian belief within the universities and other intellectual citadels of modern society-a phenomenon at least partially a result of the fact that the Christian community has perhaps not taken this dictum sufficiently seriously. The situation is clearly anomalous in view of the fact that modern science and the greatest thought-creations of the Western world were born in the framework of the Judeo-Christian world-view and some of the greatest thinkers of all time have seen no contradiction between their Christian Faith and the fruits of their scholarship. Thankfully, in recent years there has been a remarkable shift towards the Christian Faith in the higher rungs of the academic world. At the very least, Truth can play a significant role in reflecting this shift towards faith. But, more important, it can help present the Christian world-view-and Jesus Christ-with the aid of all the resources available in modern thought. The battles that confront the Christian Faith in the modern world must also be fought in the arena of ideas.