Endorsements of Dr. William Lane Craig

William Lane Craig, Talbot's renowned research professor of philosophy, is "one of a kind." He's good at addressing large general audiences and taken very seriously by people who work in metaphysics. He writes for good journals and speaks at the American Philosophical Association.

—Dean Zimmerman, Rutgers University

William Lane Craig is Christianity's #1 living apologist. Wake up, fellow Atheists…and see clearly what …is happening here. If we expect Christians to be honest about anything, we as a group need to be honest as well, and honestly face the fact that Craig is kicking our collective (butt) and we're apparently too dumb (as a group) to even know it!

—Mark Smith, Contra Craig Website (www.jcnot4me.com/Items/contra_craig/contra_craig.htm)

There's ample intellect with William Lane Craig of California's Talbot School of Theology, God's defender in God?

—Richard Ostling, Associated Press

William Lane Craig is, in our opinion, the best living Christian apologist.

—The Skeptical Christian Web site

One may marshal powerful arguments for the truth of Christianity in a patient, kind, and respectful fashion. William Lane Craig does this regularly in his debates with high-powered unbelievers.

Douglas Groothuis, apologetics author, Philosophy of Religion Professor at  Denver Seminary

He’s brilliant, a very clear thinker. He can see an argument clearly, which is the first step to analyzing it. He then is able to evaluate the weaknesses of the argument and show which premise is not necessarily true."

—Michael Horner, apologetics researcher, speaker, author ofMichael Horner Speaks Out