Won By Love

Norma McCorvey With Gary Thomas

Won By Love book cover Poor, pregnant, and desperate, Norma McCorvey fell into the hands of two young and ambitious lawyers. They were looking for a plaintiff with whom they could challenge the Texas state law prohibiting abortion, and Norma signed on. Little did she know that her signature would one day make her an international figure.

Though she was touted as a symbol of everything women could gain by being free to choose an abortion, the real Jane Roe was an embarrassment to the image that the Ivy League feminists tried so hard to project. Norma was uneducated, unskilled, a drug user, and an alcoholic. She became a helpless pawn in a powerful game.

Working inside the abortion industry, Norma saw how abortion degraded women; she was surprised at the exorbitant dollars that kept rolling into the doctors' pockets; she saw the blatant exploitation as abortion advocates put political rhetoric above safe medicine; and she eventually began to question the movement for which she once said she "lived and breathed."

Eventually, Norma's worst nightmare came true. The controversial pro-life group Operation Rescue moved in next door to Norma's abortion clinic. A little girl's affection, a mother's trust, and a gregarious man's friendship surprised Norma, and eventually led her to consider the love, forgiveness, and hope offered by Jesus Christ.

Norma's ensuing conversion shocked the world. The picture of her baptism made headlines in international newspapers. This is your opportunity to read the behind-the-scenes report of one of this century's most surprising and public confessions of faith. "The poster child for abortion just jumped off the poster," one pro-lifer said, "and into the arms of Jesus Christ."

Won by Love is a warm story, told with rich humor.