God's Relationship to the Universe

A Christian Critique of the University
The Real Issue, February 1999
In this reprint of the first three chapters of his book, A Christian Critique of the University, Dr. Charles Malik expounds on the nature of the university and the implications of faith and scholarship on that institution. Dr. Malik, now deceased, among his other accomplishments, a president of the UN General Assembly and an outspoken believer in Jesus Christ.
Church and State
Three prominent views on the relationship between the church and the state are analyzed, and the authors challenge Christians to express their faith while allowing others the freedom to do the same.
Courage at 36,000 Feet
Interview with Lisa Beamer, widow of a hijacked 9/11 hero on the doomed flight over Pennsylvania
Todd Beamer's now immortal words echo across the world: "Are you ready? Let's roll." Calmly, the 32-year-old software salesman ended his September 11 phone call to a GTE Airfone operator from United Flight 93. "Todd was always a calm person in crises, but I guarantee he's never faced death before." says his wife, Lisa Beamer. Lisa is convinced that what gave her husband courage is the assurance that he would see his family again in heaven-that what was happening right then, however horrific, was not the final reality. That's what keeps her going too.
Faith and Scholarship
The Real Issue, February 1999
Rich McGee, director of research and publications for Christian Leadership Ministries, illustrates why faith can and should be the cornerstone of the university and not the doormat, as it has often become.
Finding Your Constant in the New Millenium
Every Student's Choice
No matter what happens in the world or in our own individual lives, is there a place to turn for stability? Can we look toward the future with hope, regardless of life's and the world's circumstances?
The First Freedom Under Siege
First Things, April 2001
Explores the deteriation of religious freedom worldwide including religious conflict, religious repression, and religious persecution.
Mere Creation: Science, Faith, and Intelligent Design [Book Review]
Reviewed by Jim Miller
A review of "Mere Creation: Science, Faith, and Intelligent Design," written by William A. Dembski and published by InterVarsity Press (Downer's Grove, Ill: InterVarsity Press, 1998. 475p.). This review is by Jim Miller.
Rick Wade
A conservative, orthodox look at miracles and their importance in Christian apologetics.
Mustard Seeds
The Real Issue, February 1999
Dr. Michael Atchison was unaware that a simple testimony in his class at the beginning of the semester would end up having an influence over more than 40,000 people. He explains how this took place.
The Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship
The Real Issue, February 1999
Dr. George Marsden, a professor of history at the University of Notre Dame, offers insight into why Western scholars are reluctant to see connections between faith and scholarship. He explains how making such connections could vastly change the landscape of academia and increase the faith of Christian scholars.
Remnant Theology
John Gay
Through the centuries there have been two predominant concepts concerning the relationship between Israel and the Church. Is it possible that both of these popular positions have been somewhat in error? Is there a middle ground of truth?
Scientific Facts and Christian Faith: How Are They Compatible?
Dr. Otto J. Helweg
One would think the unnecessary battle between science and Christianity had long ago been resolved; however, recent statements by both scientists and theologians belie that thought.
The Secular and Sacred; Friends or Foes?
Dr. Otto J. Helweg
Since the beginning of the Church, Christians have been struggling with the problem of how to be in the world but not of the world. On the one hand are those who segregate the secular from the sacred and live in two worlds. On the other hand are those who attempt to integrate the two by allowing one to dominate the other. How does one handle the competing demands of one's faith and ones profession?
The Two Communities of the Christian Scholar
The Real Issue, February 1999
Christian scholars are caught between two worlds: the intellectual community and the church community. Often, according to Dr. Greg Ganssle, these professor have difficulty in integrating the two and in knowing how or why it must be done. Ganssle offers some explanations.
World War Two Stories: The Hand of God
Myron Eberle
A World War II veteran recalls a battle that caused him to consider the most important things in life.