Study of God

The Christian Mind
Jerry Solomon
Jerry Solomon challenges Christians to love and glorify God in their thinking by developing a Christian mind.
God the Great Manipulator
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
This article explores the sovereignty of God related to current events.
Learning About God
Rick Wade
We need to know ABOUT God in order to truly KNOW Him. This essay explores the subjects of revelation, the trinity, God's sovereignty, and idolatry.
The New Testament: Can I Trust It?
Rusty and Linda Wright
"How can any well-educated person believe the New Testament? It was written so long after the events it records that we can't possibly trust it as historically reliable." This is a common question on the university campus and deserves on honest answer. This paper explores this issue.
Probe Answers Our E-Mail: Purpose of God
Answers the question, 'What is the Purpose of God?'
World War Two Stories: The Hand of God
Myron Eberle
A World War II veteran recalls a battle that caused him to consider the most important things in life.