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Special Focus:
America's Sexual Revolution

It's been three decades since the Sexual Revolution was launched. Has it produced a sexually enlightened America? Although tragic celebrity sex scandals regularly grab our attention, we seldom consider the possible effects of our own sexual practices. Did not the liberation of attitudes toward premarital sex, pornography and homosexuality promise to give us a better understanding of ourselves as sexual beings? The staggering rates of divorce, abortion, STD's and illegitimacy might suggest we take a second look at our new paradise. We have put together a special focus on this topic.

(Chart statistics provided by the Medical Institute for Sexual Health)


The Teen Sexual Revolution
Kerby Anderson
Examines teenage sexual activity and evaluates sex education programs (safe sex, abstinence).

Kinsey and the Homosexual Revolution
Judith Reisman
Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey's contention that Americans are 10%-47%, more or less, homosexual was seized upon by Harry Hay, the father of the homosexual "civil rights" movement, urging that homosexuality be seen no longer as an act of sodomy but as the defining element of a minority class. Dr. Reisman asks, 'But what if all of Kinsey's work was fraudulent, or worse? What if it reflects unethical scientists conducting unprosecuted criminal acts?'

Premarital Sex:

Why Wait Till Marriage?
Jimmy Williams
There are many arguments for premarital sex. These are discussed and found wanting.

Now for Some Good News
Frederica Matthewes-Green
Femintists helped launch the Sexual Revolution. Later, the costs of this event emerged: divorce, abortion, disease, etc. Women had even learned to trade sex for love. The author shows recent evidence that more and more young people are disagreeing with the assumptions behind sexual liberation.

Romances with Wolves
John Gay
This Every Student's Choice article is a very personal account of one man's regret over premarital sex, and his decision to abstain from sex until marriage. He gives his top ten reasons why he has decided to wait.

Safe Sex and the Facts
Raymond G. Bohlin, Ph.D.
It is estimated that 1 in 5 Americans between the ages of 15 and 55 are currently infected with one or more viral STDs, and 12 million Americans are newly infected each year.

Sexual Purity
Raymond G. Bohlin, Ph.D.
Sexual purity is not an old biblical idea that has lost its usefulness. It is a timeless principle with 21st century consequences if ignored.


Kerby Anderson
Describes pornography and then documents the psychological and social effects. Also examines legal issues and provides a biblical perspective on sex.

Hard Truths About the Culture War
Robert Bork
Pornography is one of the battlefields in the war for our culture.

Set Free to Follow Christ
Clay Brown
The personal story of a man struggling with sexual addiction.


Homosexuality: Nature, Nurture, and Compassion
Dr. Robert A. Pyne
Examines the Bible's position on homosexuality and recent scientific studies on the subject, with a call for compassion and understanding.

The Gay Gene?
Jefferey Satinover, M.D.
On July 15, 1993, National Public Radio (NPR) made a dramatice announcement on stations across the country. Was a team of scientists at the National Institutes of Health on the trail of a gene that causes homosexuality? Their report would be published the next day in "Science," one of two most prestigious research journals in the world. In order to understand what is really going on, Dr. Satinover explains some little-known features of the emerging study of behavioral genetics.

Book Excerpt: A Freedom Too Far
Dr. Charles Socarides
The following passage is reprinted from Dr. Socarides' book, A Freedom Too Far. Here we listen in on a lively, sometimes wryly humorous conversation about the changes in our culture and universities since the gay-rights movement came to prominence.

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