Navigating on Leadership University

On many websites, you can easily browse through the sites. They may contain 20 or 50 or 80 pages. However, Leadership U. is extremely large and very complex. To help you find information, we provide many ways to help you navigate the site.

When you enter a library, you can walk directly into the stacks and browse the holdings. But when you are looking for specific information, you probably choose to use one of the several tools provided by the library. Tools such as the card catalog and the indexes to periodical literature and journals provide valuable assistance in locating specific information in a library full of resources.

In the same way, we work hard at Leadership U. to provide helpful navigational aids to assist you in your search for information.

Many of you have been using Leadership U. for a long time and have used these navigation aids. Many of you are new to Leadership U., so let us explain some of our navigation aids.

Our Advanced Search page is available through the blue navigation bar. This page provides additional capabilities. Advanced Search allows you to retrieve article summaries or no summaries through our Output Detail control. We allow you to specify the scholarship level to be used in the search. Each author or one of our Leadership U. editors assigns a scholarship level to every resource: high school, undergraduate, graduate, and research. We also allow you to define how precise the search must be when you specify multiple search terms through our Minimum Score. We allow you to specify how many resources you wish to return from the search through our Maximum Hits control.