Evangelism and Missions

China's Christian History
First Things, August/September 1997
The history of the West's efforts to bring Christianity to the Chinese is a rather tumultuous one. The issue of Western missionary work in China remains a vexing question in our time.
Christian Cliches
Jerry Solomon
Jerry Solomon motivates Christians to give attention to our conversations and see if we find cliches lurking there.
The Christian Mind
Jerry Solomon
Jerry Solomon challenges Christians to love and glorify God in their thinking by developing a Christian mind.
Comparing Mormon and Biblical Doctrines about Salvation
Main document Comparing Mormon and Biblical doctrines about salvation.
Confucius was the greatest eastern philosopher of all time. His beliefs are considered from a Christian perspective, analyzing what Confucianism has in common with Christianity and how it differs.
Connecting With the Divine
Marilyn Adamson
Many are asking how they can connect with the divine force of the universe. This is a brief overview of various religions' views on how, starting with the two that are most woven into the Star Wars themes: Hinduism and, especially, New Age.
Curiosity: Answering the Knock of Relationship
Liam Atchison
Curiosity without relationship is voyeurism. With relationship, it is presence-in-the-moment, meaningful engagement with another. This latter form is standard battle gear for the fearless warrior who would do battle for souls.
Do you have Someone in Mind this Summer?
Monday Ministry Minute Tip
Do you have a close friend who you've wanted to share your faith with? Is there someone near you who is going through an especially difficult time who could use an appreciative ear and heart?
Elvis is Dead (Deal with it)
Rusty Wright
Elvis Presley is dead. Twenty years after his death, our culture is still fascinated with the raven-haired, swivel-hipped entertainer. His songs fill the airwaves. His face graces postage stamps and velvet paintings in the U.S. and abroad. Thousands of the faithful annually trek to Graceland, his Memphis home, to pay homage to the king of rock and roll. But Elvis is dead. Chances are, you might have hints that some of the "Elvises" in your life really have little or nothing lasting to offer. But Jesus is alive. Care to meet Him?
Evangelicals and Catholics Together
The Christian Mission In The Third Millennium
A menu of information concerning the Evangelicals and Catholics Together documents and related issues.
Evangelism Toolbox
Visit the Evangelism Toolbox for some of the world's best evangelistic resources from many groups, in many languages, and in many formats.
The Gift of Salvation
First Things, January 1998
This document, following the spirit established in the the previously issued "Catholics and Evangelicals Together: The Christian Mission in the Third Millenium," addresses the divisive issue of the doctrine of justification.
Guidelines for Evangelistic Articles
Rusty Wright
Thousands of people use short evangelistic articles to open doors for personal witnessing. This article discusses creative ways to use evangelistic articles in personal ministry for Christ.
How to Share Your Faith
Reaching Out to the University Community
Learn you to share your faith. Engage in personal witnessing with confidence using the Four Spiritual Laws booklet.
How to Use Evangelistic Articles
Barry Rush
One of the most effective evangelistic tools is an article written to motivate students to think about the spiritual dimension of their lives. This article discusses how to use evangelistic articles to enhance your personal ministry for Christ.
Index to this Mormonism site
Topical index to Dr. Davis' documents on mormonism. An alternativie method of accessing these materials.
Is Mormonism Christian?
This is a series of documents about Mormonism, written by a Christian professor who is an ex-Mormon. It compares essential Mormon and Christian doctrines.
Joseph Smith: statements about himself
Joseph Smith boasted that he was greater than or equal to Jesus Christ and the original apostles.
Kerugmatic Hints for Christian Academicians
Dr. Otto J. Helweg
For the non-professional theologians, "kerugmatic" is the adjectival form of "kerugma" the transliteration of the Greek word, which means "proclamation." Had I wished to be less pedantic, I would merely said "Hints to witnessing for Professors." I offer four areas which I believe all Christian professors can apply if they desire to be a witness on their campus.
LDS arguments: Leaders not speaking for God?
Mormon arguments about Christians deriving LDS doctrine from statements by church leaders. How Mormons explain their leaders were not always speaking for God.
LDS: The Only True Church?
Mormon leaders have stated that their church is the only true church, that all other Christians are apostate since the first century.
A Lighthouse Where God Has Planted You
Monday Ministry Minute Tip
This article encourages believers to view themselves as a lighthouse in your environment. Find others of "like mind" with whom you can join in prayer together. Pool your creativity to offer light and hope to those around you.
Loving Our Enemies: A Look at Why We Wrongly Love Our Opponents
Dan Allender
It doesn't take much to build a friendship-just a common hatred. Having an enemy provides us a cheap basis for destroying evil without compelling us to see similar evil in ourselves. What is necessary for us to biblically love our enemy-and truly see our opponent as a friend?
Missionary to the Campus
The Real Issue, September/October 1998
Dr. John Cogdell was commissioned by his church for his work on the campus. Cogdell explains how this commissioning came about and what it has meant to him.
Modern-Day Mormon Revelation
The importance of modern, latter-day revelation in Mormon theology. Mormons claim additional revelation comes through their Prophets and Leaders.
Mormon Books and Leaders
The Mormon Church has its own literature and a long history of leaders. Important literature and leaders are listed here.
Mormon Teaching about the Nature of God
Main page for comparison of Mormon and biblical doctrine about the nature of God.
Mormon Terminology
Definitions of important Biblical terms as used by Mormons. They may speak a familiar language, but the words have very different meanings than for Christians.
Mormon Testing By Feeling
The Mormon Test for Truthfulness - how the Book of Mormon and Mormons want you can determine whether it is true.
Mormon or Christian
What Mormon leaders and prophets say about their church compared to Christian churches and denominations.
Mormon vs Biblical Teachings about Jesus
Main page for comparison of Mormon and Biblical doctrines concerning Jesus Christ.
Mormon vs Biblical Teachings about Man
Main page Comparing Mormon and Biblical doctrines about man.
Mustard Seeds
The Real Issue, February 1999
Dr. Michael Atchison was unaware that a simple testimony in his class at the beginning of the semester would end up having an influence over more than 40,000 people. He explains how this took place.
Non-Mormon References
References to materials cited. These are non-mormon sources.
Open Forums for Postmoderns
Mike Metzger
An experienced leader of open discussion forums and frequent personal witness to postmodern skeptics leads the reader through the basic worldview of postmoderns, common ground they share with biblical Christians and how to use it effectively to bring them closer to a saving knowledge and faith in Christ. Casual and conversational, this transcript will help bridge the gap between postmoderns and traditional witnessing methods that assume biblical knowledge and belief in transcendant truth and God.
Other Problems With Mormonism
There are many other problems with Mormonism which I cannot cover here. This is a list of important topics that should be researched carefully by anyone interested in Mormonism.
The Persecuted Church
Leadership University Special Focus
Twentieth-century martyrdom and persecution have outstripped that of all other centuries. Who and where are the persecuted Christians? We have put together a Special Focus discussing the
The Power of a Profession
Joao Mordomo
Ana thinks that her job as a nurse is a dead end because she isn't serving God "full-time." Jose wants to leave the business world for the same reason. Many Christians today want to make their lives count for the cause of Christ, yet they don't realize that their lives can count - everyday. They don't realize the power of a profession. This article examines three ways you can release the power of your profession.
Preparing for Worldwide Impact
Joao Mordomo
As a young adult, I read a moving missionary story. I wondered how I could make a difference in the world. My struggle was that I could see the needs "to the ends of the earth," but I was a local church minister. How could I have a global impact? As I prayed and learned, I developed eight steps that I have been able to implement in my life. There are at least eight ways to be "PREPARED" to impact the world for Jesus Christ.
Probe Answers Our E-Mail: Assurance of Salvation
Answers the question, 'How Can I Know I'm Going to Heaven?'
Probe Answers Our E-Mail: Real Problem is YOU
Answers the charge, 'The Real Problem in This World is People Like YOU!'
Probe Answers Our E-Mail: Satanism
Answers the charge, 'Satanism Has Nothing to Do With Satan!'
References for Mormon and Biblical Beliefs about God
Comparison of Mormon and biblical doctrine about the nature of God.
References for Mormon and Biblical Beliefs about Man
Comparison of Mormon and Biblical doctrines about man.
References: Mormon vs Biblical Teachings about Jesus
Comparison of Mormon and Biblical doctrines concerning Jesus Christ.
References: Mormon vs Biblical Teachings about Salvation
Comparison of Mormon and Biblical doctrines about salvation.
Reflections on a Lighthouse
Monday Ministry Minute Tip
Uses the story of the La Jumenta lighthouse as an example of the important of professors being lighthouses in their departments, stable beacons of the light of truth.
The Relevance of Christianity: An Apologetic
Rick Wade
Rick Wade develops and defends the relevancy of Christianity, encouraging believers to find points of contact with an unbelieving world.
The Sacred Desk of the Professor
The Real Issue, September/October 1998
Don Davis was the pastor of Hope Chapel when it commissioned Dr. John Cogdell as a minister to the campus. Davis explains in an interview how the church came to recognize his calling as a Christian professor.
Serving International Students
Monday Ministry Minute Tip
As the new school year begins in earnest, it is important to remember that hundreds of international students have come to our universities each year to study. This article suggests how to minister to these representatives of the world.
Table of Mormon Teaching about God
Table Comparing Mormon and biblical doctrine about the nature of God.
Table of Mormon and Biblical Teachings about Man
Table Comparing Mormon and Biblical doctrines about man.
Table: Mormon vs Biblical Teachings about Jesus
Table Comparing Mormon and Biblical doctrines concerning Jesus Christ.
Table: Mormon vs Biblical Teachings about Salvation
Table Comparing Mormon and Biblical doctrines about salvation.
What Mormons Say About the Bible
What Mormon leaders and prophets have said about the Bible, how they compare it to the Book of Mormon.
Why a Moral Life Won't Get Us to Heaven
Jimmy Williams
"Won't a good, moral life get me to heaven?" The answer is no, and the author spells out why, including how we CAN get to heaven.
A word to Mormons about this site
My intention is for this material to challenge Mormons, not insult them. The Bible warns of false prophets and of ways to test for them.