Give Your Site Quick Access
to Leadership University

You can give your site quick access to Leadership U. by following these simple steps.

Copy one of the buttons or banners below to a directory where you keep images on your site. With most PC web browsers, you can right-click on the logo you desire and choose "Save image as..." to save it to your hard disk. For most Mac web browsers, place your cursor over the desired graphic, then click and hold then select the "Save this Image as..." option.

Move the LU logo image to your web server. You will have to decide how to best accomplish this step, perhaps using FTP.

Insert the following HTML code to your web page. Be sure to point the <IMG SRC> to the location of the LU logo .GIF file on your web server.

     <!-- Begin LU Homepage -->
     <A HREF=""><IMG BORDER=0 
     SRC="type path to logo image here"> 
     <!-- End LU Homepage -->

Choose one of these images
for your link to Leadership University.

LU link WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="62"

LU link WIDTH="103" HEIGHT="63"

LU link WIDTH="88" HEIGHT="31"

Animated LU link WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="62"