Help Using Leadership University

Leadership University (LU) is a large place with many resources. Finding what you need can be difficult. Instead of browsing by clicking through different levels, try using our search engine. Simply click on the Advanced Search link. Then enter a word or phrase that best describes what you are searching for. It may take a few attempts, but you will probably find resources to help you.

Special links and their descriptions:

Print This Resource appears at the bottom of every LU resource you access. This feature guides you through the process of obtaining a very high-quality printed version of that resource, when available.
See Related Resources also appears at the bottom of every LU resource. This feature assists you in finding other resources similar to the resource you are currently viewing.
Past Features Every 2-3 weeks, LU has a new Special Focus feature. The Past Features page gives an up-to-date listing of all past Special Focus features.
Other Sites Other Sites lists other sites that are also a part of Leadership University.
Submit Articles Submit Articles is for people who want to submit scholarly articles to LU for review and possible placement in LU's ResourceBASE.
Help LU Help LU gives information for donating to Leadership University.
About LU About LU tells who is behind Leadership University.
Link to LU Link to LU shows you how to place a link to LU on your own site.
Feedback Feedback provides a simple way for you to give us feedback or ask a question.
Site Index The Site Index will present a comprehensive list of every resource in Leadership U. This is a large list!
Advanced Search Advanced Search opens the breadth of Leadership U. Search on whatever topic interests you. The most comprehensive search engine is the Easy Word search (based on the Architext search engine from Excite).

Using Easy Word Search, you can refine your search further. After receiving a return from the search engine, click the small icon to the left of the document that is most like what you need. The search engine will reprocess your search using this document as a pattern.

LU Home LU Home will always return you to the Leadership University homepage.