Choosing A College

Choosing a College or University
Choosing a college is a decision that is becoming more difficult with the passing of time. Just how does a parent help their child decide which campus to attend? Believing that Christian parents have a different set of priorities than the non-Christian community, a number of Christian parents and educators were interviewed who have been through the college selection process. Their advice is reflected in this article and enhanced by the personal observations the author has made as he has studied and worked on many university campuses.
Choosing A College: A Guide for Parents and Students
by Thomas Sowell
This is the full text of Thomas Sowell's excellent book, "Choosing a College: A Guide for Parents and Students." The purpose of this book is to start you out at square one, before you even know what questions to ask, what colleges to read about, or what statistics to look up. Step by step, it builds up your knowledge of what colleges, universities, and engineering schools are all about, how and why they differ-and, most important of all, what those differences mean to you when choosing where to apply. This is a how-to-do-it book, designed to help you find the kind of college that will fit your own particular goals, ability, pocketbook and way of life. It tells you what to look for during a
Advice for Parents
Choosing a College
An excerpt from "The Totally Useable Summit Ministries Guide to Choosing a College" by Dr. Ronald Nash on ground rules for the college selection process.
Discovering What God Loves: A Journey From Duty to Desire
Steven Garber, Ph.D.
It's not what you study in college but what you love that will determine your success in life, says author Steve Garber.
Learning to Love what God Loves
Steven Garber, Ph.D.
An eagerness for God is the foundation for success in college, says author Steven Garber.