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- Volume 1, Issue 1: Killing As Caring
Richard Rotondi discusses the false charity of euthanasia. Along with the growing acceptance, even welcoming, of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, have come increasingly dire warnings about the practice from ethicists and thinkers. The "mercy" offered by euthanasia can only be offered by those who, logically and emotionally, hold to a conception of the human person radically different from that of traditional medicine: the price of accepting euthanasia’s "compassion" is denying that humans have any inherent worth apart from their productivity or utility.

- Volume 1, Issue 2: Family Values
Richard Rotondi discusses the importance of the traditional family and the overwhelming desire of Americans for the government to promote the traditional family. Several studies are mentioned that indicate that a child is better off when coming from a family with both a mother and a father.

- Volume 1, Issue 3: The Gay '90's: A Response to the Gay Activist Movement
Richard Rotondi documents the troubling agenda of gay activists. He explains why homosexuals are not a disadvantaged minority group and granting special class status and advantages is not necessary and would, in fact, hurt true disadvantaged minorities.

- Volume 1, Issue 4: Universal Health Coverage: The Cure or the Disease?
Dr. Paul Cleveland, Professor of Economics, Birmingham Southern College, explores the coercive charity of twentieth centure American "do-goodism." He concludes that the "provision of universal health insurance by legal mandate is economically unsound."