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Choosing a College: A Guide for Parents and Students by Thomas Sowell.
To parents and students, at one of life's crossroads. With all the college guides already loading down the shelves of bookstores, what excuse can there be for publishing yet another one? This guide does not even pretend to compete with, or substitute for, those huge college guides that are chock-full of statistics about hundreds of colleges. Neither does it attempt to match the vignettes of particular colleges and universities found in some other guides. The purpose of this book is to start you out at square one, before you even know what questions to ask, what colleges to read about, or what statistics to look up. Step by step, it builds up your knowledge of what colleges, universities, and engineering schools are all about, how and why they differ-and, most important of all, what those differences mean to you when choosing where to apply. This is a how-to-do-it book, designed to help you find the kind of college that will fit your own particular goals, ability, pocketbook and way of life. It tells you what to look for during a campus visit, how to read a college brochure so as to get what you need to know out of it, regardless of what message the college itself is trying to send, and-at the end of the process-how to evaluate the admissions and financial aid offers that come in, before deciding where you really want to go.

Advice for Parents
- An excerpt from The Totally Useable Summit Ministries Guide to Choosing a College by Dr. Ronald Nash on ground rules for the college selection process.

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