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InterFACE provides summer tours to the Western states as well as spring tours to the North East states. Tours originate in Atlanta, Georgia, but may be joined along the way if you live between Atlanta and one of the destinations. By combining host family accommodations with comfortable, unique sleeper-bus travel the costs are held to a minimum, generally $200-$450.

IntrerFACE also plans and hosts the Florida Christmas Conference, which houses students and their families with Central Florida families. There is a combination of sight-seeing and group social gatherings. There is much to see in this area: Walt Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios.

InterFACE Ministries seeks to serve international students and scholars through the means of sincere friendship, hospitality, and Christian love. InterFACE is a non-profit organization open to students/scholars or all nationalities and religious backgrounds.

For complete information on the currently offered tours, contact:

InterFACE Ministries

(404) 633-6956



International Student Holiday Hospitality Tours

These tours are for international students and visiting scholars who would like to get away from the campus during school breaks and tour the United States and Canada with other internationals and Americans.

The tours are sponsored by International Friendship Ministries (IMF), a non-profit organization based in Columbia, South Carolina and the First Baptist Church of Atlanta. They will include a lot of sightseeing, some staying in an American home (except on the Niagara Falls tour) and will include a brief conference on the meaning of the Christian faith at the local church which provides the host families.

The tours are open to all international students, scholars, or visitors and their families.

Tours include:

Columbia, South Carolina for the Thanksgiving holidays in November

Orlando, Florida and Walt Disney World for Christmas break

Hilton Head, South Carolina in March

Atlanta, Georgia in April

Niagara Falls and Toronto, Canada in June

Washington, DC in July


For dates and costs contact:

International Friendship Ministries

P.O. Box 12504

Columbia, SC 29211-2504

phone (803) 799-3452

fax (803) 252-5500

For other ideas contact the local Foreign Student Advisor's Office at your college/ university.

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