Walter Wang

After a long struggle, I have finally found the absolute truth. I have found the source of eternal life, the Creator of the universe, God the Father of Jesus Christ. I've accepted Jesus as my Lord and my Savior and invited Him to life in my heart.

When I went to college, the Cultural Revolution had ended. I accepted some "freedom" and "democratic" thought. Suddenly, I felt I had been cheated for so many years. I began to wonder whether there is any absolute truth in the world. I became an egoist and an anarchist. I just believed in myself, my own power and struggling for my own pleasure and comfort.

In July, 1991, I came to the United States from China. I felt very lonely and weak. Almost everything was unfamiliar to me. I had to learn almost everything concerning daily living--shopping, transportation, etc. My study load was heavy, and my English was poor. In order to learn some American culture and overcome my loneliness, I attended a Christmas dinner sponsored by some American Christians. The dinner and singing gave me much pleasure. But the most moving aspect of the evening was the message. The speaker compared Napoleon, a great military leader, to Jesus, a humble carpenter, and showed that Jesus left a far greater mark on history. From that day, I began to read the Bible and attend Bible study groups.

One particular area of concern for me was the relationship between science and Christianity. I found that God created the world and the natural laws that govern the world. I found that many famous scientists throughout history were Christians. And I learned that although the Bile is not a science text book, there are many passages which accurately describe scientific principles.

I was told that the Bible says a man cannot save himself. In other words, even when you do many good things you will not be able to reach God's standard of perfection. I was also told that other people--my friends and family--could not save me either. They each had their own sin problem to deal with, so they could not help me with mine. The answer, I saw, was to believe in Jesus, who died for me.

After a long struggle and many hours in Bible study and discussion, I decided to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. I was baptized in a nearby Chinese church.

After I accepted Jesus, I realize I had received a new life. Of course, I still have many bad habits. But I think the seed of the new life is growing steadily in me. For example, before I accepted Jesus I worried about almost everything and this made me tired and grumpy. Today, I believe God can help me and lead me in the right way, so I worry much less. I also had a bad temper in the past, and today my wife says I have cooled down a lot and am much more considerate.

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