Michael Chen

During my high school years in the People's Republic of China, I was taught that there is no God and that any religious belief is superstitious. As a result, before I came to America I had never even considered the possibility of God existing. I had taken for granted the truth of atheism. In college my future wife and I knew two classmates who were Christian, and we thought they must have faced some unusual problem which caused them to believe in God.

My wife and I both graduated from the most famous university in China, so this helped us to qualify to do graduate study in America. My dream was to study at Stanford University, but I was not accepted. Eventually, we both enrolled at a very good school for my major (computer science) and for hers. We are both about half done with our Ph.D. programs.

Soon after my arrival in America, I began attending meetings of a Christian group. At that time, I attended only to improve my English. I still thought that believing in God was kind of foolish.

After a Christian friend and I talked privately a few times during that first year, I realized that I did not know enough about Christianity to true it out. One big factor in this change was the video "Jesus" which is made from the Gospel of Luke. I began to think that if these stories are true, I should believe in Jesus Christ. But I still doubted if these things were factual in history. My friend and I continued to talk, and I decided that if we were created by God and Jesus died for us, then that would make our lives more meaningful.

This past fall, I started to believe. I had heard several messages that were important to me: one on "The existence of God," one by a biology professor on "Science and Christian Faith," and one by a Mainland Chinese scientist on "Evolution and Creation." All of these gave me the factual basis for faith. So now I had the willingness and the factual support to become a Christian. While talking in the student union with my friend I prayed to accept Jesus Christ and thank Him for dying for my sins.

The changes that I have seen in my life the last few months have been both inner and outer. I feel more peace in my mind, and when I face a challenge like an exam I pray to let God help me. (Two weeks ago, I had an accident on the interstate highway, but because I believe God loves me, I was able to trust that He had a good purpose for this event.) As for outer changes in my life, my relationship with my wife has become closer--she also became a Christian last year.

Although I am still young in my Christian faith, I am studying the Bible and meeting more frequently with other Christians. My wife and I are also looking for a church that we can attend consistently.

I want to thank God for leading me to this place so that I could know Him. I am grateful that He directed me to my current university, since there was a special Christian group for Chinese students here.

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