Manners for Overnight Guests at a Family Home

Take: toothbrush, tooth paste, pajamas (towels, soap are provided)

1. Ask clearly about times - when to arrive and when to go home.

2. Ask about the family schedule - be considerate of their needs.

bedtime - go into your room at a reasonable hour, perhaps 9 or 10 p.m. to allow the family to be busy with their things after you go to bed.

morning - ask your host before you go to bed, what time they will be ready for breakfast. If they say 8 am then come out of your room at 8 am.

3. Bathroom use - if you are sharing a bathroom with others, never stay in it for longer than 30 minutes at a time. when you come out, leave it clean, dry and all your things taken out. Take the hair out of the bath tub drain.

4. Phone - ask before you use the phone. Talk no longer than 5 to 10 minutes at a time. Do not call before 8 am or after 10 PM.

5. Meals - it is courteous to help in preparation and cleaning up after meals. Ask if you can. If not, you can stand and talk to the host while they are busy.

6. Children - you never have the right to criticize or scold other people's children. You always have the right to praise them and talk to them, showing interest in their affairs.

7. Pets - if you are allergic to or very afraid of cats or dogs, it is best to ask if the family has one before you go to their house. You never have the right to criticize, scold or hit someone's pet. Sometimes people treat their pets like their children.

8. Thanks! - With each meal, snack, or helpful favor, always say an immediate thank you.

As you leave, say one sincere thank you. The next day write a thank you note.

9. Your room - Each time you leave your guest room, leave it neat and clean. Make your bed and put your things away. Do not close the door when you are out of the room. Do close the door when you are in the room and want to sleep

10. If you break anything - tell your host immediately saying, "I am so sorry, I broke your_________". They will not be angry and will readily forgive you.

11. Television - Your host will choose the program. Most people do not like to be disturbed in the middle of a program. Save your questions or comments until commercials. Do not make television into an English lesson when with others - TV is for relaxation.

12. Air conditioning - your host will set the temperature. If you are cold, put on a sweater - but do not touch the controls.

13. Do not ask to borrow the host's brush, comb, or toothbrush.

14. Do not attempt to tell your host when to go to bed, how to care for his children, what to eat if he has a cold, etc. This is their home and they can do whatever they like.

15. A closed door means that someone is inside usually. KNOCK and wait to be invited in before entering. Americans do not usually lock doors in their homes such as the bathroom and bedroom. Closing the door is usually sufficient.

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