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Where can I get my hair cut?

A variety of barbershops and beauty salons exist. Some require an appointment (reservations in some cases must be made weeks in advance), while at others you can simply walk in and ask for a haircut. Shop around to find the barbershop or beauty salon that charges what you are willing to pay for a haircut, is most convenient for you, and cuts your hair the way you like it.

"Beauty colleges," where barbers and beauticians learn to cut and style hair, offer a low-cost alternative to barbershops and beauty salons. You may also find that some of your fellow students will cut and style hair for a small fee.

Where can I do my laundry?

Most dormitories and apartment complexes provide coin-operated laundry facilities where you can wash and dry your clothes. If not, look under "Laundries-Self Service" in your telephone book's yellow pages for the coin-operated laundry nearest to you.

To save money, you may want to purchase your laundry supplies (detergent, bleach, fabric softener, and so forth) at a grocery or discount store rather than at the laundry facility, where they are more expensive.

Where can I get my suits, coats, and sweaters cleaned?

Professional dry cleaners will clean and press your clothes overnight or within a few days. Some laundries have self-service dry-cleaning machines, which are cheaper, but you will get better quality from a professional dry cleaner. (For a listing of professional dry cleaners, look under "Cleaners" in the yellow pages.)

Where can I get my film developed?

Most grocery stores, drug stores, and campus bookstores have places in them where you can drop off film to have it developed and then pick up the prints within one to three days. This is usually the least expensive option. You can also take your film to a quick photo-finishing shop that offers one-day, or even one-hour, service for most film development. For specialized work or top-quality production, you can take your film to a camera store or photo-finishing laboratory.

Can I use a public library?

Any resident of a community can check out (take home for a period of time, usually two weeks) books and materials from that community's public library (some public libraries let nonresidents check out materials for a small fee). To check out materials, you need only a library card, which you can obtain by showing the library clerk identification and proof that you live in the community (a driver's license, lease agreement, recently post-marked letter addressed to you, and so forth).

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