Welcome to the United States! If you have recently arrived here, you probably have many questions about how American society operates. Without familiar friends and family around to help, you may be forced to do many things alone in a strange and sometimes confusing environment.

International Students, Inc. (ISI), hopes you will use How to Survive in the U.S. as a resource guide to help you feel at home in this country. Keep in mind, however, that it is intended to provide a broad overview covering many topics. For specific questions or more information on the various topics, contact your foreign student adviser or others for help.

Although much of the information in this handbook is geared to college and university students, it addresses many of the same concerns shared by internationals visiting the United States for any reason. While it is impossible to answer all of your questions, we hope this handbook will help you to better understand American ways and give you confidence during your stay here.

If you have any further questions about life in the United States, or if you just need a friend, please contact your local ISI staff member. You may also contact the national headquarters: International Students, Inc., P.O. Box C, Colorado Springs, CO 80901; (719) 576-2700.

International Students, Inc., is a Christian friendship organization that exists to serve international students and visiting scholars. We offer friendship and practical help to all international students, regardless of religion or nationality. Serving people like you is what we're all about!

International Students, Inc.

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