Important Telephone Numbers
For your convenience, print this sheet out, fill in the appropriate phone numbers, and place by your telephone.

Emergency ___________________

Doctor ___________________

Hospital ___________________

American Friendship Partner ___________________

ISI Staff Member ___________________

Campus Housing Office ___________________

Foreign Student Adviser ___________________

Landlord ___________________

Insurance Agent ___________________

Other ___________________

Don't Forget!

If you have any further questions about life in the United States, or if you just need a friend, contact your local ISI staff member. You also may contact the national headquarters:

International Students, Inc.
P.O. Box C
Colorado Springs, CO 80901
(719) 576-2700

About International Students, Inc.

International Students, Inc., is a Christian service organization. ISI works closely with foreign student advisers and other college and university officials to assist students in practical ways.

We offer "no-strings-attached" friendships to all international students and scholars, regardless of race, nationality, or religious preference.

ISI staff members and volunteers are assisting international students across the country, helping them adjust to and enjoy life in the United States.

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