Personal Grooming Tips for Women

There are many many beauty products on the market. Of course, you may choose not to use any, and that is fine. However, if you do choose to use them you can purchase them at department stores or special stores just for cosmetics - but, these are VERY expensive. For good, but cheap, cosmetics go to a large grocery store or Wal Mart, K-Mart or Target.

If you have never used cosmetics, but would like to try, Ask your room-mate to help you. She would probably enjoy showing you what to buy and how to apply it.

Most college women also shave their legs and underarms. You can buy special shavers (either electric or manual) to do this.

Also--be sure and wear deodorant. It is offensive to many Americans for someone not to wear deodorant.

Usually college women only go to the beauty shop for hair cuts and permanents (to get their hair curled). They are quite expensive.

The monthly menstruation cycle is something that is very rarely talked about in America in situations where there are both men and women. In your dorm the women may talk about it more.

If you are too uncomfortable with your menstruation cycle to attend class or a meeting you can say, "sorry, I was not feeling well." That is all you need to say.

"Feminine products" can be bought in any grocery store. There will be one large aisle just for these products with MANY different brands and types to choose from.

There are two types of products commonly used in America.

1. Napkins - Do not put these in the toilet after use. Wrap it up in tissue before putting in a trash can.

2. Tampons - these are in common use among students and are very convenient.

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