American Bathrooms

American Bathrooms

Bath tubs almost always have a "Shower Curtain". Put the curtain inside the tub when you shower - keep the rest of the bathroom dry. Sometimes showers have sliding glass doors. Be sure they are closed when you take a shower. You might ask your host before you get in the shower how to operate the shower. Each one is a little different.

FLUSH the toilet after EACH use. Do not try to keep quiet by not flushing.

Put the toilet paper IN the toilet after use. Do not put it in the trash can.

Close the door when you go in and leave it open when you come out.

Dorm Baths - usually are 2 different kinds:

1. "bath and shower in the hall"

-the toilets are separate from the showers

-some have private rooms (stalls) for taking a shower.

-some have one large room with several shower "heads" where 4 to 6

people shower together.

-most dorms still have separate bathrooms for the men and the women. Be sure and check on this before entering.

2. "Private bath"

-each room has its own toilet and shower

-3 or 4 rooms may share one bath.

Using a public bathroom:

1. Be as modest as possible (wear a robe when going down the hall, close the shower curtain when you are showering).

2. Be as quick as possible - others might be waiting.

3. Be as clean and dry as possible.

Washing out underwear, etc.:

Americans use washing machines for almost everything.

Washing out your underclothes in the bathroom sink is okay, but hang them in your own room to dry, not in the bathroom.


When using the toilet, be careful! Be accurate!

Often there are carpets on the bathroom floor, so do not get them wet. Put the seat down and close it before you leave the bathroom. Leave it clean and dry.

Americans almost all use and think important:

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