Your Truth, My Truth


Postmodern Philosophy/Culture:

How Do You Spell Truth?
Don Closson
This article describes both modern and postmodern views on truth. He then presents what Christian teaching means by Truth.

After Modernity, What?
Wilfred M. McClay
This is a book review of "Postmodern Times: A Christian Guide to Contemporary Thought and Culture" by Gene Edward Veith, Jr.

Christians and Postmoderns
J. Bottum
The origin and development of postmodern thought is traced through the ideas of different philosophers over the centuries.

Defeating Postmodernism:

Preaching As Though We Had Enemies
Stanley Hauerwas
Should Christians employ modern assumptions in order to attack postmodernism?

Reaching Youth Today
Josh McDowell
How does one minister to the postmodern generation?

Reclaiming Natural Law
Dean C. Curry
A review of two recent books on the natural law tradition, a philosophical alternative to both modernism and postmodernism.

Richard Rorty and the Postmodern Rejection of Absolute Truth
Dean Geuras
What should the Christian response to postmodernism be? Will postmodern theory simply fall apart on its own?

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