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March 12, 1998       
Special Focus
The Significant Other
 - March is recognized as Women's History Month. Many popular media outlets commemorate this month by tracing, perhaps even celebrating, key moments in the feminist movement. But is the development of feminism the primary story in the history of women? Indeed, should contemporary feminism even be considered the movement that best defines the needs and interests of today's women? We have put together a special focus on this issue.

William Lane Craig
 - On April 3, Dr. William Lane Craig will debate Peter W. Atkins. The debate, titled What is the Evidence For/Against the Existence of God?, will be moderated by William F. Buckley, Jr. See the William Lane Craig Virtual Office to find out more about this scholar, speaker and author. To find out more about the debate, see our Craig-Atkins Debate page.

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Craig-Atkins Debate
Find out about the upcoming debate between William Lane Craig and Peter W. Atkins, to be moderated by William F. Buckley, Jr.

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