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February 9, 1998       
Special Focus
A Day and Lifetime for

heart Valentine's Day celebrates love relationships. But today's popular portrayal of romantic love is not without difficulties. Our media presents love as a feeling rather than a virtue. Is a fleeting sentiment, however, powerful enough to sustain couples through tough times? Should sexual passions--blazes fanned by media imagery--be the primary basis for serious choices between men and women? See our special focus on this issue.

Special Focus
Character: Who Cares?
US Flag Charges of sexual impropriety have once more been levelled at the President. Questions about his character are thus raised anew. Recent polls and "man-on-the-street" interviews indicate the general public shows little concern over Mr. Clinton's personal ethics, at least so long as they like his job performance. Considering the emphasis we place on the adherence to right policies, is it important that our publicly elected officials have good moral character? Or, generally speaking, does character really matter at all? We have put together a special focus on this issue.

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