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January 2, 1998       
Special Focus
Telling the

Abe Lincoln Graphic Is it important to tell the truth? Traditionally we have been taught that honesty is very important, a democratic virtue. Our American lore, such as George Washington's cherry tree or Honest Abe's penny, stress the importance of honesty. But can there be honesty without truth?

The intellectuals of our time teach that there is no common truth--to each his own. Many truths, however, really mean there is no real truth. Can any social organization, including society itself, properly operate without some agreement on what is true? We have put together a special focus on this issue.

Probing for

Probe graphic Founded in 1973, Probe Ministries was formed as a ministry that would bridge the frontier between the agonizing questions man asks and the profound answers the Gospel offers. Probe has grown today to form a working unit of 15 scholars and 10 support staff, along with the service of numerous volunteers.


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