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September 25, 1997       
Special Focus
Revolution and Revelations
Teen Pregnancy Rate Graph It's been three decades since the Sexual Revolution was launched. Has it produced a sexually enlightened America? Although tragic celebrity sex scandals regularly grab our attention, we seldom consider the possible effects of our own sexual practices. Did not the liberation of attitudes toward premarital sex, pornography and homosexuality promise to give us a better understanding of ourselves as sexual beings? The staggering rates of divorce, abortion, STD's and illegitimacy might suggest we take a second look at our new paradise. We have put together a special focus on this topic.

(Chart statistics provided by the Medical Institute for Sexual Health)

Stonewall Revisited Stonewall

Is homosexuality genetic? Are there such people as ex-gays? Stonewall Revisited is a website dealing with these issues. It now has a few new features and an updated look.


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