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Church and State
 - Politics and Religion
"Jewish Court Excommunicates [Vice Presidential candidate Joe] Lieberman" trumpets an October 23 headline. Politics and religion. As we near election day 2000, it's a good time to examine their place together, our role as religious citizens and the modern election process. See our Special Focus.

 - The Real Jesus?
A centuries-old question between Islam and Christianity persists today. How does the Jesus of the Qur'an and the Jesus of the Bible compare? Is there harmony between the views of him? An October 19 debate engaged scholarly members of both powerful religions. See our Special Focus for post-debate information and related articles and testimonials--most from a Christian viewpoint.

Featured Site
 - Satellite/Web Debate: Who is the True Jesus?
The Faith & Science Lecture Forum presented a cordial, scholarly debate between Muslims and Christians on the critical issue of Jesus' identity on Ocober 19. The event Web site gives details on viewing the debate archived online and obtaining post-event tapes.

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