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 - The Nature of Islam
Since the murderous terrorism of September 11 and the subsequent war--seen by many Muslims as war on their religion--many Westerners have sought greater knowledge of Islam. Is it, as claimed, a religion of peace? What do Muslims believe, in general and in particular regarding war and violence? How does it compare with Christianity? See our Special Focus...

 - Terror in America
Terror struck America's heart. The World Trade Center Towers in New York are no more. The Pentagon is partially demolished. Thousands are dead and wounded. How can a supposedly good God allow this? Where is the hope in the midst of this great tragedy? See our Special Focus...

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 - Building Bridges
Bridges International is a specialized Christian outreach to Mainland Chinese intellectuals at universities in Western nations, which networks with Christian workers, pastors and lay people from both Chinese and non-Chinese backgrounds. Find out more...

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