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 - He Is Risen
Few give the time in preparation for Easter that they do for Christmas. But what would we do without Easter? Would we invent another spring holiday for fluffy toys and pretty dresses? We tend to take Easter for granted. And yet, it is a special holiday with a unique claim. Should we all not take its message to heart? See our special focus on the Resurrection.

 - Popcorn Pictures
Seen any good movies lately? Have there been any good movies lately? Good or bad, the Oscars are to be awarded soon. And hoopla aside, Academy Award season presents us with the opportunity to consider the place of movies in our culture. See our special focus on movies.

 - William Lane Craig
See the William Lane Craig Virtual Office to find out more about this scholar, speaker and author. Dr. Craig's site features writings on the following subjects: Existence of God, Divine Omniscience, Divine Eternity, Historical Jesus, and Christian Particularism.

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